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Meet Scott

Entrepreneur, author, coach,

husband, dad and motivational speaker

Born Scott Gregory Smith in Kansas City Kansas, he is the oldest of 5, an athlete, musician and ever a student.  And now as an adult, He and his wife are parents to 3 boys and 3 girls and at the writing of this bio, grandparents to 10 grand-children.

Where does he get is compassion and love for people? Scott has been active in Christian Ministry his entire adult life. He is a Sales Trainer and Small Business consultant as the CEO of The Intuitive Sales Institute. 

As a Keynote Speaker Scott is most often called upon to work with corporations and colleges on the subject of Diversity, Equality and Inclusion (DEI). His signature speech, "Navigating the Racial Divide and Finding Common ground" delivers a radical explanation for the reason so many major corporations stall in their DEI efforts and offers a foolproof solution. 

Don't just let life happen to you. Happen to life

Scott Smith

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