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Change your life

Destiny can be altered. But it's done, not by altering the path, but by altering the person making the journey.   - scott g. smith
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Meet Scott 

Entrepreneur, author, coach,

husband, dad and motivational speaker

Scott has been using his gift to change lives through words since the mid 1980's. He considers himself to be more than a motivational speaker. He is a Transformational Speaker.  His goal each and every time he is called upon is to create an environment for change within the minds of everyone who will listen.


"This was so good. I think I may have been in tears a couple of times either from laughing or just thoughtful. I learned so much. We learned so much.  You touched a lot of people today."

Shelia Tuohy

Fintech COO

"Thank you so much for speaking. There are so many things that you said that hit home. This was really missing and so necessary."

Christopher Diaz
VP Marketing

"I absolutely loved Coach Scott! I can't believe that I actually got more from one hour of just listening and learning than from all the courses I've paid for online."

Milani Meche



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